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Granny J

A devout grandmother and published author of the Pinky Frink series of children's books, Granny J has gained a solid reputation as a highly skilled 3D content developer and animator.

Greetings from Florida!

I started my 3D development career many years ago when searching for a way to transform my children's books into cartoon videos for children.

Along the way, I began developing my own content because I could not find exactly what I desired available on the open market. Spending years honing my skills and developing a widely varied customer base across the globe, I have gained success providing professional & hobbyist videographers the content they require for their projects. Film makers have come to realize I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and rely on me to deliver the 3D products they need for both the film & game development industries.

No project is considered "too big" or "too small" - and a variety of licensing options makes my creations affordable for all - from large film corporations to the independent hobbyist.

My Skills

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    Marvelous Designer
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Some of My Projects.

Below you will find some of my most recent projects, along with a few timeless favorites. Each of these are available at very cost effective pricing via my online store.

Wooden Fencing

3D Animated Prop

The Wooden Fencing pack contains 5 different styles of fences, each with 3 different finishes - all with animated gates.


Avatar Accessory

This eyeglasses pack contains 10 different pairs of iAccessory Eyeglasses for use with iC5 & iC6 avatars. There are readers in pschydelic colors, wire frames, avaiators, sunglasses, retro winged glasses, punk style, Lennon style & more!

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

3D Animated Insta-Scene

This N.I.C.U. is a complete Insta-Scene, ready for you to add avatars & begin filming. All medical equipment has SFX & built-in animation.



The COBRA QUEEN is a voluptuous woman with PBR textures, softcloth hair & skirt, cobra scepter & strappy buckled boots. Pack includes walking motion while holding cobra scepter.

Master Builder

3D Building Kit

MASTER BUILDER with 425 props, this pack has everything you need to create a complete, functional building in just minutes - & a complete town's worth of functional buildings in under an hour! Everything is textured with a wide variety of options to suit any theme or motif, from modern structures to ancient, residential, religious and commercial.

MODERN Living Room


The Modern Living Room Insta-Scene captures todays stylized living designs as seen on many of the "home" shows on HGTV. With wainscot walls in velvety grey tones, a flat marble fireplace feature wall, recessed lighting, and luxurious leather seating accented by wood enameled tables & pops of color, this is a living area sure to please.

PBR Masques


This PBR Masque pack contains 10 PBR Masque iAccessories for iClone 7 & 10 PBR Masque ccAccessories for Character Creator. The 10 different styles include both feminine & masculine designs.


The Baking Magic Insta-Scene pack includes the SFX animated props, avatars, accessories & motions to create truly realistic homey kitchen scenes. The pack includes a complete kitchen with a large center island and a fully furnished dining room.

What People Say About Granny J

Author image

As a film hobbyist, I am always searching for quality content that is very cost-effective. When I need any prop or avatar, my first go-to source is Granny J. Her work is exemplary, perfectly textured and pre-animated, which makes my project progress smoothly with polished results. I would highly recommend her for any 3D content you may require.

Jeremy Langstrom Owner, Mad Hatter Productions
Author image

Granny J's "Insta-Scenes" are meticulously created in MAX and designed specifically for iClone users. The number of elements included in each pack make them extremely good value and many props have built in animation such as door opening, windows opening, working fireplace, swinging signs to name a few. These packs are extremely good value with hours of work and detail in every one.

Additionally, her Master Builder series for creating your own buildings "Fast and Easy" are an incredible value and of outstanding quality. If you are interested in what sets these apart, please be sure to watch her instructional videos on the product pages in Granny J's Storefront. I've tried these products myself and they are absolutely worth the money and more.

Althea Dubowic iClone Alley
Author image

I have been using Granny J's meshes for years when making my films. The quality of her work and her attention to detail is amazing.

Every prop, avatar & motion I have purchased from Granny J is superb - excellent quality and priced reasonably. If you require 3D models for your project, I would highly recommend Granny J.

Manuella Fasoli iClone Hobbyist


Granny J's Thoughts

Excerpts from professional papers, courses & seminars by Granny J.

The Top 5 Rules of Great Design.

I created these basic rules for the design of 3D content to assist new developers in gaining traction on their learning curve.

Rule #1 - ALWAYS ensure your design is square to the world axis.
Rule #2 - Always center your design to the world axis where x=0; y=0 and the base of your content is at z=0
Rule #3 - Clean-up your mesh (no overlapping polygons, no random floating vertices, smooth your surfaces, etc.)
Rule #4 - unwrap your UV and map your textures WITHOUT overlap. Make it simple for the end-user to re-texture the item.
Rule #5 - Use a naming configuration that is logical (especially with rigging)

Photographs Can Improve Your Texturing.

When it comes to texturing your models, 2 things play a major role - UV mapping and your materials. It is extremely difficult to try to mimic a real-life texture by creating one with software (Photoshop, GIMP, etc). The easiest way to duplicate the materials you find in the real world is to start with a photograph.

Bear in mind, your photograph alone will not cut the mustard. When snapping the image, make every attempt to align the image as it would be on the 3D world axis. This is very critical for textures that you will require to be seamless & tileable (things like mosaic tiles, brick/block, pavers, fabrics, wall finishes, etc.). After some editing of your photo in your graphics program, then you can utilize something like Bitmap2Material (Allegorythmic) to obtain all of your maps (Diffuse, Opacity, Normal, Specular, AO, Metal, Roughness, etc.).


Looking for awesome 3D Content at rock bottom prices? Try Granny J's 3D Attic.

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